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Occasionally Asked Questions!

I'm a producer. My budget can't support a formal casting session. What other options are there?

Don't rule out a casting session just yet! Many clients have the ability to audition actors in their own studios, and just need our help to schedule the session. We can handle a casting session from soup-to-nuts, or just pieces of it. We're happy to explore that option with you. In addition, depending on exactly what you need for talent (how many roles, how much dialogue...), we can find talent through materials submissions, referrals from our agent partners, or ask talent to create a self-taped audition using your script. Nothing really compares to a live audition and giving talent direction in real time, but we do understand that time and budget don't always allow for that.

Do I have to attend the casting session?

Clients are ALWAYS welcome to attend casting sessions, but it's completely up to them. By the time we get to an actual session, we are pretty much in synch with what you are looking for, and we run the actors through a couple of reads so you can see their range. We can make the auditions available to you online, so that you can review each actor's performance and make your casting decisions.

Do you cast voice talent too?

Absolutely! Typically with such a project, we'll solicit voice samples and forward them along to the client. Oftentimes, the client will supply a script, and we'll ask the talent to create an audition clip. That way, the client can hear *their* words and better gauge the effectiveness of the talent's delivery before making a casting decision.

Yeah, but... Why do I *need* to hire actors for my project? Can't I just use friends and family?

Glad you asked that question! We were interviewed on this very subject! See the following video for our answer:

(Special thanks to Heartwood Media for producing this video!)

I'm an actor. How do I get into your files?

Please mail ONE copy of your head shot and resume to us at:

BetweenGigs Casting

P.O. Box 1355

Manchester, NH 03105

Also, please email your head shot and resume, along with links to your website or online portfolio to us at . Please note "New Talent: your name" in the Subject Line of your email. Include your union status and whether you are exclusively represented by an agent. We do not keep a file of talent under eighteen. If a project needs younger talent, we contact our agent or theater partners for referrals.

Hey!  I'm a voice talent!  How do *I* get into your files?

Email your information to us at Make sure to include a few voice samples and/or a link to your website or online portfolio.  Please note "Voice Talent: your name" in the Subject Line of your email.  Please include your union status and whether you are exclusively represented by an agent.

What if I have a question that's not listed here?

Send it in through the Contact Us page, and we'll either answer you directly or post it here!

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